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Howdy everyone. I hope you are having an amazing day. I know I am.

I want this website to be a real benefit to all you lotto players out there.

Helpful Information

I don’t plan to give you garbage advice about to play I just want to share good information with you.

The news I give you may not be the most up-to-date on the internet but I promise it will be helpful to you.

No More RSS Feeds

There will be no RSS feeds from other lottery websites included on the new revamped version of our website.

As I already mentioned elsewhere on this website many of these RSS feeds simply pump useless information onto other websites and we don;t want to artificially bloat our website with content that will not benefit our readers.

Any other website is welcome to use our RSS feed to update their content as long as they give us proper recognition for that content.

Feel Free to Contact The Site

newsIf you have a request for information on specific lottery-related topics feel free to contact us by using the button that is at the bottom of every page.

Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you find any information that is in error or if you think you can add to a subject with relevant information please do contact us.


We would also love it if you took the time to comment on any post that you read. The feedback you provide is invaluable to us and helps you structure new content to better suit our readership.


There will be several different authors of the posts on this website. We do this to give you a well-rounded perspective on many different areas of the lottery and lottery plays.

Each individual author will review any comments left on his/her posts and any questions related to their posts will be forwarded directly t the relevant author.




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